Jo’burg on wheels

I love this time of year in Johannesburg.  From when spring rears its pretty head in September, the good citizens of the City of Gold are on their bikes preparing for the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge.  This race is to Johannesburg what the Argus is to Cape Town – maybe not quite as scenic but us Jo’burgers love it anyway.

Young and old, black and white, skinny and fat, all have dusted of their bicycles (or borrowed some wheels from a friend) to ride 90 odd kilometers on a hot summer day in their city on 16 November.

In honour of all the brave cyclists out there, Jozi Jottings’ header picture shows a typical Kromdraai Road scene on a weekend morning.

Only two weekends left to train.  Happy and safe cycling everyone!


Approaching a new year with renewed inspiration and a new look

After two years of silence, I am back.

Lack of time and inspiration hit and I was distracted with training and… well… stuff.  I was reading some of my old posts this morning.  What was clear to me is that I started out with one idea for the general theme and content of the blog (a personal blog on life in Jo’burg) but along the way it morphed into someone quite different (focusing largely on my training, which was at the time what I was focusing all my energy on, so no wonder).  The title of my last post says it all, I suppose.

I have been thinking lately that I need to take up some form of (non-work related) writing again, as a hobby, a little bit of therapy and, maybe, one day (a long, long time from now) for gainful employment.

So, after having lost the plot a bit with this blog I have decided to revamp it with a new, clean look and start writing again.  The focus will be shifting back to what was originally intended, notes and pics on living in Johannesburg and the things we (and the people around us) get up to.

As I have now experienced first hand, sometimes these things take on a life of their own.  Let’s see where this blog ends up this time.