Dear Jack

Dear Jack

I know that the last few days have been trying for you, my boy. The introduction of a new baby to a household is never an easy thing.

You need to know that you are not being replaced. You are, and always will be, my little prince. Just because Jamie has been attached to my lap for most of the last few days does not mean that you will never again have a turn. Just give him a chance to settle in. He’s still a baby and very needy (believe me, I would like to be able to the loo without razor-sharp nails digging into my legs or, worse, high-pitched squeals of distress on the other side of the door). You were also like that when you were small, remember? But you are my big boy now, so you need to be brave and give the little one a turn to feel the safety and security of mom’s lap. Come bedtime, I promise that you will still be first in line to snooze on top of my legs until they go numb.

You are not being punished for anything. We adopted him because we like him (no, really, we actually do) and because we thought you and Meg would enjoy some younger company.

Please don’t be grumpy with your new brother. I know he can be quite annoying, hopping about around you, pulling your beard, playing with your toys and sleeping in your favourite spots. But be patient. Everything will settle down soon enough. Growling and snapping at him is not going to help the situation. You are just making mom and dad cross. And frankly, Jamie does not seem to be too fazed by it, so it is probably a waste of energy.

One plus is that there is now puppy food in the house, which you seem to like much more than your own vet-prescribed food.  That makes things a bit better, doesn’t it?

I know that soon you will realise that Jamie is not so bad. In fact, I’m sure you are going to have a lot of fun playing together, chasing each other through the house and garden, and going for walks to the doggie park and the coffee shops on Fourth Avenue. I promise.

Until then, please don’t be so depressed. I want all my babies to be happy.


Your mom

PS: Tomorrow you are going for your first dog parlour appointment. I know the timing is bad. Like I said, we are not trying to punish you. You will look so pretty with a nice, neat haircut. Really. Please don’t run away to the SPCA.

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt “Literate for a Day“.


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